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Sunday, January 2, 2011

2010 Missoula Marathon - DQ'ed

DISQUALIFIED by race staff

Men's Unofficial top 10 (source )
6, Kip Litton, 2:49:07; (only appears @ finish)

Kip Litton
7, Mike Telling, 2:50:43;
10, Gary Krugger, 2:52:25

Source for 2010 Missoula Marathon Race Photos:
Notice each finisher in the top10 has photos at numerous points of the course
  • River
  • Big Flat Rd
  • Park
  • Tunnel
  • FinishLine- Horizontal View
  • Finish Sprint- Catwalk View
  • FinishLine- Banner View
Interestingly, K.L. only appears at :
  • FinishLine- Banner View
  • FinishLine- Horizontal View
  • Finish Sprint- Street View

2:49 at ~3100ft elevation (approx elevation Missoula, MT marathon course) converts to a ~2:44 at sea level, according to RunWorks calculator (

Predicted 26.2 M Finish Times by Altitude
sea level2:44:00.63:53.46:15.6
1000 ft (305 m)2:45:39.63:55.76:19.4
2000 ft (610 m)2:47:18.63:58.16:23.2
3000 ft (914 m)2:48:57.54:00.46:26.9
4000 ft (1219 m)2:50:36.54:02.86:30.7
5000 ft (1524 m)2:52:15.54:05.16:34.5

Update (10/27/11):

As you can see above, Kip had a wine and a gift card ready for him at the awards ceremony, but he didn't show. Kip was later DQ'ed after the race staff reviewed footage and determined that Kip had not run the full distance.

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