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Friday, January 14, 2011

Gasparilla Distance Classic 2/28/2009 - 5K / 15K/ & Marathon


Gasparilla 5K 15K 2009

Last Name Litton
Bib Number 518

"I found him in the lost & found photos since he doesn't display his bib. I tagged him in 3 shots walking to the finish of the 5k in 18:27.

It's definitely him, and it's definitely the 5k. The 15k start was 2 hours earlier and you can see a woman (one of the last walkers for the 15k) finishing up on the left in the 3rd photo. I checked the time of the guy coming up on him bib# 12521. That guy finished 3 seconds ahead on gun time, so for sure that's Kip.

Here's another fun fact for you about Gasparilla 2009 Michelob Challenge. The plaque for 1st Overall was mailed to me. Either he got disqualified or he got a plaque for 1st Overall Masters."

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5K Result

15K Result

Marathon Result

BibFNameLNameCityStateCountryAgeSexChipTimeClockTimeOverallSexPlDivPl AgeGradePaceSplit1HalfSplit2Split3

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