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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Kip Litton Changed Hats, LongSleeve & Pants, no bib showing, 2010 Boston Marathon - 2:52:12 for Litton

Kip Spotted Here

Kip's 3 Race Photographer Photos - Other Finishers 20+
Kip stripped off the pants and finished in 2:52:12

the usual pattern - only 3 photos; other finishers have many more -

1811Litton, Kip M.D.48MDavisonMIUSA
FinishPaceProjected TimeOfficial TimeOverallGenderDivision

Kip was also spotted by an anonymous poster in the Lost & Found photo section of
"Mid Point: View Male Runners (3602)", go to Page 38, 6th picture down, left column
Kip at midpoint?

and Kip at BAA 5K 2010


  1. And he's wearing a different hat.

  2. No photos of him at the 20 mile (~32k) from same website. Note: No chip mat until 35k

  3. Also, it would be near impossible to skate the photographer at 20 miles (top of heartbreak) as the below 3 hour crowd had thinned out. I found 5 photos of myself at this point that I probably wouldn't want to use as a facebook profile pic.

  4. Note that the hat he is wearing is the same one from the 5k the day before.