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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Davison, MI Ben Millefoglie listed designer of websites for Sandy Springs, FL, West Wyoming, &

solved before dinnertime wrote:

How rude!

Now here's a real coincidence

1. Go to google and type the following in the search box

This takes you to the results page that originally appeared on the WWM site. It's an HTML version that google made.

2. Now view the HTML source. In Internet Explorer 8, you go to the "Page" menu and then select "View Source".

Who do you see listed as the author on line 6? Isn't that the author of the Sandy Springs Half Marathon results? (see previous post by 'Whoomp there it is')

Nice job! Yesireee, that's Davison, MI's very own Ben Millefoglie. Designer of the websites for Sandy Springs, FL, West Wyoming,, etc...

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