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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Boston 2012: Assigned Bib #1711 (1st wave, 2nd corral)

Kip Litton has been assigned bib #1711 at Boston Marathon 2012 (1st wave, 2nd corral).  According to blog poll on the right-side, 60% of you believe he will be a no show. Some predicted the BAA wouldn't allow him to toe the line, but that won't be the case April 16th. Kip last made the trip to Boston in 2010, where he completed the 2010 Boston Marathon in 2:52, despite an outfit change (black sweatsuit & ballcap). He also blazed the BAA 5K course the day before in 17:17 (5:34 min/mi), despite a 4:04 gun/chip differential and a photo showing Litton finishing stride for stride with runners finishing at ~7min pace (please see this link for more info).

If you're interested in tracking Kip (or any other runner), runners can be tracked online here:


Additionally, Flint Journal (Michigan) writer, Bill Khan, added the following update on 10/31/2011 to his original ARTICLE on Kip Litton. He linked to pictures posted on this blog.
" Editor's note: Since this article was published, Kip Litton's performance in this and other marathons has come under scrutiny. These photos have been used as evidence that Litton didn't run the entire course." - Bill Khan, Flint Journal (Michigan)"
Original Story on Kip's registration to Boston Marathon here.