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Monday, April 16, 2012

Bizarre Behavior Continues - Kip Litton a No Show at 2012 Boston

Dr. Litton didn't run Boston. No surprise since he hasn't raced since Dec, 2010.
Sources on location tell us that someone picked up his bib before the Boston Marathon. 

in summary:

# of road races completed in year 2010: ~20.
with last road race - 12/10/2010

Date LetsRun thread allowed to continue,StudyOf KL blog started, etc. - 1/6/2011
# of road races completed in 2011: 0. (DNS at CowTown in Feb)
Today's 2012 Boston Marathon DNS - 4/16/2012

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

How might he have raced 2010 Boston Marathon?

Let's take a look at Kip's Outfits.
He seems to like to wear 2 different caps (sometimes switching caps in the middle of races). Let's refer to them as Cap A and Cap B. At Boston 2010, Kip is wearing Cap A at 15K, 13.1Miles, & 30K............and Cap B right before the finish line. It appears he may have done the same at COX Providence, Rhode Island marathon - wears Cap A at the start and Cap B before the finish (along with a shoe change and shorts change). At Deadwood (South Dakota), where he was disqualified, he went with a light-blue cap to Cap B.


It appears that Kip wore an all black outfit (black long sleeve and black long pants) and what we refer to as Cap A (a black colored cap with green/white logo) up until at least the 30K point (~18miles where he accidentally came into camera view at 30K where Jim Rhodes (an unofficial photographer i.e. not affiliated with was taking photos).

-> wonder if he was on the sidewalk for most of the heartbreak hill area. Don’t forget Kip "ran" a 2:50ish at st louis the week before his supposed 2:52 at Boston, then somewhere before the finish he stripped the black long sleeve and the black long pants to have his race bib showing and also changed ball caps to Cap B (a black cap with a BAA logo).  We don't have proof it's the same person but the yellow tinted sunglasses, silver watch and red/white Mizuno shoes all appear to match.
We looked back at Kip's outfits to see if there was some pattern, perhaps with the ballcaps.
And It looks like he's worn Cap A at most of his races from 2009-2010.And it looks like he has switched ballcaps in the middle of the following marathons:
1. COX Providence, Rhode Island Marathon (can't tell for sure but looks like he went Cap A to Cap B, along with taking off shorts and the shoe change of course)
2. Deadwood, South Dakota DQ (he went from a lightblue colored cap at the start to Cap B at the finish)

Cap A - a faded black color baseball cap with a Green & White logo

Cap B - black color with a BAA logo


At Races that were Pre Boston Marathon 2010 (mostly Cap A)

Cap A - at 2009 Gasparilla Florida race  
CAP A - at BAA 5K 2010, the 17:17 5K
Cap A - During Boston 2010, at 15K (~9.3miles)

At races that were Post Boston Marathon 2010 (some Cap A and Cap B)

July, 2010 - at Missoula Marathon finish (Disqualified)

Monday, April 2, 2012

Study of Outfits

The KL Story in Pictures

10/5/2008 - Inaugural Brooksie Way Half Marathon

2/15/2009 - Sarasota (Florida) Half Marathon

2/28/2009 - Gasparilla Distance Classic

10/04/2009 - City of Trees Marathon (Idaho) -- Disqualified

1/17/2010 - PF Chang Marathon (Arizona)

Gasparilla (Florida) 2010 5K - 2/27/2010

Gasparilla (Florida) 2010 Marathon - 2/28/2010

3/20/2010 - ShamRock (Virginia) 8K 2010

3/21/2010 - ShamRock (Virginia Beach) Marathon 2010

4/11/2010 - Go! St Louis Marathon

4/18/2010 - 2010 Boston Marathon

5/02/2010 - COX Providence Marathon


5/30/2010 - Vermont City Marathon

6/6/2010 - Deadwood South Dakota Trail Marathon (Disqualified)

7/11/2010 - Missoula Montana Marathon (Disqualified)

9/12/2010 - Rochester New York Marathon

10/03/2010 - Maine Half Marathon

12/11/2010 - Charlotte Thunder Road Marathon