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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Kip Litton Cowtown Marathon Prediction Contest - List of Entries

- Race is tomorrow! What will happen?

 mommy mommy DNS: other excuse
word yes sir DNS: other excuse
dontdonate DNS: illness
edumacator DNF: excuse of injury
VF Runner DNF: excuse of injury
friend of a friend 2:58:12
jerrry 2:59:09
chyeah man 3:02:00
WhitePony 3:02:08
 paulski66 3:04:22
Whoomp there it is 3:05:00
runnnerere 3:05:23
kirkaz 3:06:00
Kyp Lyttyn 3:06:42
TDF 3:06:45
long sox 3:12:52
Dan the Masters Man 3:13:08
GA runner 3:19:49
Just Wow 3:22:38
florida oldtimer 3:23:48
dd 3:47:00

Monday, February 21, 2011

Kip Litton's Cowtown - 6 days away

updates per discussion board

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Author Bill Khan responds

"I'm not going to publish anything on the allegations about Kip Litton cheating. It's a very tricky subject to write about without creating potential problems. I will say that I do regret writing this piece. When I wrote it, I did not know about the circumstances surrounding these results. I saw the times and was impressed that any marathoner could nail all of his or her times within about a five-minute window without having one bad day in there, as happens to ALL marathoners. Perhaps there's a reason for such remarkable consistency ... and it's not remarkable at all." - Bill Khan, author of Detroit Flint Journal Davison dentist Kip Litton has transformed himself from sedentary middle-ager to successful marathoner

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Kip Litton Prediction Contest

details here

"Eligible participants:
Only people who have posted on this thread PRIOR to dukerdog's post on page 70 [current Kip Litton thread]. People who have posted what I deem to be positive things about Kip are not eligible, as I would be worried they are either Kip himself, or a friend of his, and could rig the contest. If you didn't assign a password to a username you used on this thread, you should do that now"

Monday, February 7, 2011

David Kipling Litton to run CowTown (TX) on Feb 27th, 2011!

Mr. Litton is a registered participant.

So what do you guys predict will be the net time? 2:49:XX?, 2:57:XX?, 3:11:XX?

And how much time to cross the starting line?