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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Kip Litton Timeline v6

DateEventGun TimeChip TimeDifferenceKey SuspicionsLink(s) to Relevant Info
10/29/06Detroit Free Press 5K00:21:3300:19:1500:02:18Start Delay. Masters winner.Results
10/21/07Detroit Free Press Marathon02:53:5702:50:5700:03:00Start Delay. doesn't appear in the results, missed the half marathon matResults
10/05/08Inaugural Brooksie Way Half Marathon (Michigan)?01:19:36?registered as alias “Rich Rodriguez.” Pictures show subject fitting description of KLLink-Brooksie08
02/15/09Sarasota Half Marathon?01:21:26?photos at finishLink-Sara09
02/28/09Publix Super Markets Gasparilla Distance Classic Race Weekend – 5K00:22:2900:18:2700:04:02Photos show subject walking during 18:27 5KLink-Gasp09
02/28/09Publix Super Markets Gasparilla Distance Classic Race Weekend – 15K01:01:4700:58:4100:03:0633:07 for 1st Half (7.5K)Link-Gasp09
02/28/09Publix Super Markets Gasparilla Distance Classic Race Weekend – Marathon03:00:4602:56:3900:04:071:34:11 for 1st HalfLink-Gasp09
04/19/09BAA Boston 5K Road Race00:21:4800:18:5200:02:562:56 start delay. 18:52. 91st of 3524 finishers.Results
05/23/09Bayshore (Michigan) Marathon02:55:4002:52:5800:02:421:30:13 1st Half; 1:22:45 2nd HalfLink-Shamrock
08/22/09Crim (Michigan) 10 mile?00:56:55?unusually fast time; “removed” from official results, result is still listed on; report from Clarkston Kent says he dropped out at 5miles and inexplicably appeared near finish and ran acrossNote from Ouch1000; Athlinks
09/06/09New Mexico Marathon02:58:3802:57:5300:00:455000ft Altitude; 2nd overall; delayed start; 4th place finisher swears he didn't see himNew Mexico
10/04/09City of Trees (Idaho) Marathon?02:55:45?Race Director DQ for awards – missing from photographs at key locations along race courseLink-CoT
10/18/09Detroit Free Press Marathon Relay???RACE DIRECTOR DQ subsequent to investigation of relay team
11/01/09Manchester City Marathon (NH)?02:54:06?Negative split – 1:28:13, 1:25:53; race is hillier and more difficult in 2nd halfLink-Result
01/17/10PF Chang Arizona Marathon02:55:2802:51:2100:04:07video; net differenceLink - Arizona;Video(youTube)
02/27/10Gasparilla 15K00:57:1100:54:0500:03:06went through half in 29:11(7.5K)Link-Gasp10
02/27/10Gasparilla 5K00:20:4000:17:3300:03:07walking @17:33 5KLink-Gasp10
02/27/10Gasparilla Marathon02:57:5602:53:5200:04:041:31:01 1st halfLink-Gasp10
03/20/10Shamrock (Virginia) 8K00:35:1500:29:1000:06:05long sleeve & long pants, finished with slower people because he started so far backLink-Shamrock
03/21/10Shamrock (Virginia) Marathon02:56:5302:53:1500:03:38outfit change (pants, jacket)Link-Shamrock
04/11/10Go! St. Louis Marathon02:59:3102:54:2500:05:06missing splits for 6miles & 20miles, and all other in finishers in the top 20 (Kip was 19th) have these splitsLink-St.Louis
04/18/10BAA Boston 5K Road Race00:21:2100:17:1700:04:04large difference from gun v. net (4:04)...17:17 net 5K (5:34 pace/mile) in a baggy blue windbreaker and long pantsLink-BAA5K
04/19/10BAA BOSTON MARATHON?02:52:12?outfit change (pants, ball cap)Link-Boston
05/02/10Providence COX Marathon02:56:1302:52:3900:03:34outfit change (shoes, shorts)Link-Prov
05/16/10Delaware MarathonDISQUALIFIED – 02:57:16N/AN/ARACE DIRECTOR DQLink-Del
05/30/10KeyBank Vermont City Marathon02:53:3602:49:0200:04:34net difference; 6:11/mi for final 10KLink-VT
06/06/10Deadwood – Mickelson South Dakota Trail MarathonDISQUALIFIEDN/AN/ARACE DIRECTOR DQLink-SD
07/03/10West Wyoming MarathonRace doesnt exist – FABRICATED a 02:56:12N/AN/AFABRICATION – Kip came in 1st place but Race does NOT EXIST! (confirmed by - Wyoming
07/11/10Missoula Montana MarathonDISQUALIFIED – 02:49N/AN/ARACE DIRECTOR DQLink-Missoula Info; Note from RaceDirector ;Video(youTube)
08/28/10Crim (Michigan) 10 mileDNS – InjuryN/AN/AN/AN/A
09/12/10MVP Healthcare Rochester (NY) Marathon02:57:5902:57:2500:00:34outfit change (green l/s); start video; 1st Master - $300 prize money, start time of 34seconds, with only 13 slower starting runners in a field of about 600Link-Rochester; Video(@51secs); Results
10/03/10Maine Half Marathon?01:28:14?may be indicative of fitness level; told subject followed by person on bike to ensure subject completed full distance.Link-Maine
11/20/10Sandy Springs (Atlanta, GA) Half MarathonRace doesnt exist – FABRICATED – 1:20:44N/AN/AFABRICATION – Race does NOT EXIST!Link-SS
12/01/10Charlotte Thunderbird Marathon03:00:2402:55:2000:05:046:11pace from 13.1 to 20miles, bib covered & walking at finishLink-Charlotte
12/04/10Pine Hills 5KRace doesnt exist – FABRICATEDN/AN/AFABRICATION – Race does NOT EXIST!Link-PineHills

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