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Friday, January 14, 2011

The Kip Litton Timeline v3

DateEventGun TimeChip TimeDifferenceKey SuspicionsLink(s) to Relevant Info
02/28/09Publix Super Markets Gasparilla Distance Classic Race Weekend – 5K00:22:2900:18:2700:04:02Photos show subject walking during 18:27 5KLink-Gasp09
02/28/09Publix Super Markets Gasparilla Distance Classic Race Weekend – 15K01:01:4700:58:4100:03:0633:07 for 1st Half (7.5K)Link-Gasp09
02/28/09Publix Super Markets Gasparilla Distance Classic Race Weekend – Marathon03:00:4602:56:3900:04:071:34:11 for 1st HalfLink-Gasp09
05/23/09Bayshore (Michigan) Marathon02:55:4002:52:5800:02:421:30:13 1st Half; 1:22:45 2nd HalfLink-Shamrock
08/22/09Crim (Michigan) 10 mile?00:56:55?unusually fast time; “removed” from official results, yet result is still listed on Athlinks.comAthlinks
09/06/09New Mexico Marathon02:58:3802:57:5300:00:455000ft Altitude; 2nd overall; delayed start; 4th place finisher swears he didn't see himNew Mexico
10/04/09City of Trees (Idaho) Marathon?02:55:45?Race Director DQ for awards – missing from photographs at key locations along race courseLink-CoT
10/18/09Detroit Free Press Marathon Relay???RACE DIRECTOR DQ subsequent to investigation of relay team
11/01/09Manchester City Marathon (NH)?02:54:06?Negative split – 1:28:13, 1:25:53; race is hillier and more difficult in 2nd halfLink-Result
01/17/10PF Chang Arizona Marathon02:55:2802:51:2100:04:07video; net differenceLink - Arizona;
02/27/10Gasparilla 15K00:57:1100:54:0500:03:06went through half in 29:11(7.5K)Link-Gasp10
02/27/10Gasparilla 5K00:20:4000:17:3300:03:07walking @17:33 5KLink-Gasp10
02/27/10Gasparilla Marathon02:57:5602:53:5200:04:041:31:01 1st halfLink-Gasp10
03/20/10Shamrock (Virginia) 8K00:35:1500:29:1000:06:05long sleeve & long pants, finished with slower people because he started so far backLink-Shamrock
03/21/10Shamrock (Virginia) Marathon02:56:5302:53:1500:03:38outfit change (pants, jacket)Link-Shamrock
04/11/10Go! St. Louis Marathon02:59:3102:54:2500:05:06missing splits for 6miles & 20miles, and all other in finishers in the top 20 (Kip was 19th) have these splitsLink-St.Louis
04/18/10BAA Boston 5K Road Race00:21:2100:17:1700:04:04large difference from gun v. net (4:04)...17:17 net 5K (5:34 pace/mile) in a baggy blue windbreaker and long pantsLink-BAA5K
04/19/10BAA BOSTON MARATHON?02:52:12?outfit change (pants, ball cap)Link-Boston
05/02/10Providence COX Marathon02:56:1302:52:3900:03:34outfit change (shoes, shorts)Link-Prov
05/16/10Delaware MarathonDISQUALIFIED – 02:57:16N/AN/ARACE DIRECTOR DQLink-Del
05/30/10KeyBank Vermont City Marathon02:53:3602:49:0200:04:34net difference; 6:11/mi for final 10KLink-VT
07/03/10West Wyoming MarathonRace doesnt exist – FABRICATED a 02:56:12N/AN/AFABRICATION – Kip came in 1st place but Race does NOT EXIST! (confirmed by - Wyoming
07/11/10Missoula Montana MarathonDISQUALIFIED – 02:49N/AN/ARACE DIRECTOR DQLink-Missoula Info;
Note from RaceDirector ;
08/28/10Crim (Michigan) 10 mileDNS – InjuryN/AN/AN/AN/A
09/12/10MVP Healthcare Rochester (NY) Marathon02:57:5902:57:2500:00:341st Master - $300 prize money, start time of 34seconds, with only 13 slower starting runners in a field of about 600; pictures show subject clutching at leg before the finish, walking across finishLink-Rochester;
10/03/10Maine Half Marathon?01:28:14?may be indicative of fitness level; told subject followed by person on bike to ensure subject completed full distance.Link-Maine
11/20/10Sandy Springs (Atlanta, GA) Half MarathonRace doesnt exist – FABRICATED – 1:20:44N/AN/AFABRICATION – Race does NOT EXIST!Link-SS
12/01/10Charlotte Thunderbird Marathon03:00:2402:55:2000:05:046:11pace from 13.1 to 20miles, bib covered & walking at finishLink-Charlotte
12/04/10Pine Hills 5KRace doesnt exist – FABRICATEDN/AN/AFABRICATION – Race does NOT EXIST!Link-PineHills


  1. He "beat" me at City of Trees Marathon in Boise '09, placing 5th. However when the top guys didn't see him, and he never passed me about 5 of us mentioned it to the race director. He questioned Kip who said the course was poorly marked and he may have missed a turn. However he didn't show up in any of the on course photos (3 locations).

  2. Can you alternate the background color on every other row of the table? It would be easier to read.

  3. I've got some pictures of the big cheater in the Charlotte Thunder Road marathon. I ran with the women's winner and some other sub-3 and low 3 friends of mine through the 10K mark. I slowed down. I was running the half, finished in 1:33, and he never passed me (the courses split at about the 12 mile mark). He never passed the women's winner but a photo (which I'll send) shows him in front of her at mile 24.5. The jacka$$ jumped back on the course somewhere in front of her LATE in the race and she still caught and passed him. I have another pic of him walking through the finish. We've got to bust this guy at a race!

    Can you give me your email address and I'll send the pics to you? (You can comment on my blog and it won't show up publicly. Click on the link.)