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Monday, January 3, 2011

Gasparilla 2009

One runner had this to say:

"I've seen this guy's name [Kip Litton] ahead of mine in a bunch of races - but have never actually seen this guy [Kip Litton]. I began questioning him back at Gasparilla 09. A 2:56, with a 1:34 split? Yeah right. And I got a plaque for 1st overall in the mail. Gasparilla 10 is about the same. Unbelievable negative split. Too good to be true because it is.
But why!? It seems that he is fully capable of running sub-3's? Why cheat? It's more trouble than it's worth. And, AND he's been caught, AND he's been caught several times!
The community of runners that can run sub-3's all the time is pretty small. This guy is like a ghost. You don't run a dozen of the same races with someone, get similar times, and NEVER see them."

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  1. Gasparilla 2010
    He "won" the Michelob Ultra Challenge (15k & 5k Sat, Marathon Sun)
    This is a picture of him near the finish of the 5k. He's walking! 17:33 5k, and he's walking! Not bad. Start 3 minutes late behind a wall of people (over 9,000 finishers at the 5k), walk it in, and still pace 5:38/mile.


    GOOD FIND!!!!! OMG

  3. Would you believe he's walking to the finish at the 2009 Gasparilla 5k as well?

    I went through all the Lost & Found pics and tagged the few I thought could have been him. I checked the time of the guy next to him to make sure it was in deed Kip. Oddly I couldn't find any of him out on the course. Maybe now knowing what he is wearing I could find some, but why bother. - Gasparilla 5K 15K 2009 - Litton - 518

    5:58 pace. That's a hell of a walking pace.

  4. Gary,
    Thanks very much for this addtl info. im going to take a look at this and possibly do a followup post