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Monday, January 3, 2011

Analysis of BAA 2010 5K Result - 5:34 pace. 4:04 went by before he crossed start

Place Div/Tot  Div    Guntime    Nettime    Pace    Name           Ag S Race  # City/state
40 1/203  M4549  21:21.1  17:17  5:34 Kip Litton 48 M  3368 Davison MI    
  • 4 minutes 4 seconds difference between net and chip times.
  • 1st PLACE IN 45-49 AGE GROUP
He is seen here in the race photographer's photograph finishing with mostly 21min 5K'ers because he crossed the starting line over 4 minutes after the gun went off. The other finishers shown here took 20-30secs to cross the starting line.

BAA 5K Course Map

A poster on the matter
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  1. In the finish shot above, the guy in the red hat sure looks a lot like Kippy too. Random observation.

  2. but the red hat person is not wearing Kip's bib number is he? Kip Litton was bib #3368. Also see the 2010 BAA 5K results where it lists bib numbers.