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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Inaugural Brooksie Way Half Marathon 10/05/2008 - Oakland, MI


Registered as Rich Rodriguez, the fictitious race director of the bogus West Wyoming marathon

the theory on boards is that Kip was testing out the alias


Athlete M/F A Bib Final
Patrick Rizzo M 25 8 01:08:19
BRIAN SELL M 30 5 01:08:19
Kyle O'Brian M 28 7 01:08:19
Mike Kilburg M 25 9 01:08:20
Leo Foley M 27 582 01:11:25
Eric Green M 40 662 01:13:47
Joe Whitman M 25 2328 01:14:17
Patrick Lencioni M 43 1030 01:17:35
Steve Menovcik M 39 20 01:17:53
Aaron Lehr M 24 1026 01:18:19
Kraig Schmottlach M 41 1573 01:18:37
Rick Straughen M 27 1703 01:19:00
Rich Rodriguez M 48 2499 01:19:36

Note from RunnersWorld Forum poster:
"An interesting coincidence from the Lets Run thread involves the fictitious race director, "Rich Rodriguez", from the bogus Wyoming marathon. As has been stated on the Lets Run thread, Rich Rodriguez was the unpopular football coach at U of M, Kip's alma mater. I ran a 1/2 marathon as a marathon paced run in October of 2008, Rich Rod's first season with Michigan. Initially, the race results had me first in the 45 to 49 age group. However, the results were later adjusted to show I had been beaten by a 48 year old "Rich Rodriguez", from Clarkston, who supposedly ran 1:19:36 (gun time 1:21:53 in the typical Kip habit of starting well back in the pack). I'm from Clarkston (near Kip's hometown), and there has never been a race result from a "Rich Rodriguez" before or after that 2008 race anywhere in Michigan. Clarkston is a small town and I know all of the decent runners. I do recall a runner dressed in black entering the course near the midpoint timing mat. It was a wooded area and I just assumed he had gone off the course for a bathroom break. The gun time for "Rich Rodriguez" was just 2 seconds ahead of my guntime at the midpoint, about the same as the guy who entered the course just ahead me at this same point. In retrospect, this may have been an early experiment by Kip in course crashing under an alias.
Posted by D A W"

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