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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Bay Shore 09 & Shamrock 10

@ Bay Shore Michigan 2009
Clock Time2:55:40
Chip Time2:52:58
Overall Place21 / 1385
Gender Place21 / 832
Division Place2 / 117
Age Grade78.5%
Total Pace6:36/M
1St Half Rank54
1St Half Time1:30:13
1St Half Pace6:53/M
2Nd Half Rank10
2Nd Half Time1:22:45
2Nd Half Pace6:19/M

@ 2010 Shamrock Marathon Virginia
2:53 w/ clothing diff
3/20/2010, 3min 38 secs to cross the starting line
photos from

Clock Time2:56:53
Chip Time2:53:15
Overall Place13 / 2657
Gender Place12 / 1614
Division Place1 / 193
Age Grade79.1%
7 Mile45:53
Half Split1:25:54
18 1 Mile1:58:38


breakdown of splits:
  • 7 miles in 45:53 is 6:33/mile
  • 7miles to the Half in 40:01 for 6.109375 is 6:33/mile
  • Half to 18.1Mile in 32:44 for 4.990625 is 6:34/mile
  • 18.1Mile to FINISH in 54:37 for 8.11875 is 6:44/mile
Day before that did an 8K

Shamrock Marathon, Half Marathon & 8K Run (2010) - 8k Results
March 20, 2010

29:10 8K, 35:15, 6 minutes, 5 secs to cross the starting line, 1 pic of him discovered in lost&found

Age: 48 Gender: M

Distance 8K
Clock Time 35:15
Chip Time 29:10

Pic after the 29:10 8K


  1. I found a picture of him finishing the 8k -Doesn't look like he even ran it. Posted it on the current thread on Letsrun.

  2. Nobody in their right mind would have started that race wearing long pants with a sub-3 goal. It only topped out near 80F during the marathon. I doubt he's used to running in that kind of heat in March in Michigan.

  3. Checkout the pic I found from 2003 with his caption. It was on his charity facebook page.
    I posted it on the thread (letsrun)

    Florida oldtimer

  4. Truly amazing how this guy is able to race so frequently and with such consistent times. He usually negative splits by several minutes while walking it in to the finish.

    If you see someone finish a sub three marathon walking it in to the very line the way he does, it probably means that they sustained a major injury and will not be running again for several weeks/months.

    Yet he goes on to race the following weekend. Truly amazing.