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Friday, January 14, 2011

Deadwood Mickelson Trail Marathon 2010 - Disqualified

Disqualified by Race Staff

update 10/20/11 - for a FULL SIZE photo sequence click here:

link to Results here
187 Ryan K Kircher M3034
407 Chris Rubesch M1924
393 Jeremy Morris M3034
401 Kristiaan Rawlings M2529
349 Matthew Wire M4044
171 Jerod Honrath M3539
201 Thomas Lekan M3539
157 Ursula Hanna F3034
148 Wesley Green M4044
232 Bert Moniot M5559

Once again, finishers have photographs at multiple locations during course
1st place finisher photos
2nd place finisher photos
3rd place
4th place

outfit change from start (picture in Lost & Found section)

Kip's photos (all close to/at finish)


  1. What a Drama Queen.

  2. Seriously, the woman taking a selfie in the second photo is going faster than him

  3. I know it's not concrete evidence but he just looks dodgy as hell with that cap on!