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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Providence Cox Marathon - photos show Mr. Litton wearing different shoes!

Race photos show Mr. Litton wearing different shoes!

This picture is probably Kip passing the starting line (it took him over 3 minutes to cross the starting line, even though he finished in the top 10 overall with a 2:52 net time). He is seen here wearing what one of our readers told us to be Mizuno Wave Riders.

These two pictures show Kip coming in, presumably just before the end of the race, wearing a different pair shoes! They appear to be the Mizuno Precision? What do you think? It looks as though he also stripped his Adidas shorts for the Skins brand tights (and the black longsleeve for his Boston tanktop which he may be holding in his hand)

Now some runners strip a shirt or toss a pair of armwarmers or gloves , but it's pretty unusual for an athlete running 2:52 to ditch a pair of shorts and put on a pair of different shoes!

Providence Cox Marathon

Fewer Photos of Kip Litton than there are for each other Top10 finisher
With the exception of the 6th place guy, all of the top 10 runners have numerous photos taken of them along the course. But Mr. Litton has very few, all of which are very close to finish.

Click the link below and type in the finisher's bib number, highlighted in red below.

Cox Marathon
Providence, RI
May 2,2010
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Open Winners calculated using Gun Time
Results sorted by Net Time
Place Div/Tot Div Name Age Sex No. City St Net Time Pace Gun Time
===== ======== ======== ===================== === === ==== ================== ========= ===== =========
1 1/110 M-M2029 SCOTT LESLIE 28 M 613 RUTLAND MA 2:35:45.3 5:57 2:35:47.2
2 2/110 M-M2029 NATHANIEL ERB-SATULLO 24 M 309 SOMERVILLE MA 2:37:28.7 6:01 2:37:30.0
3 1/193 M-M3039 JON CHESTO 39 M 177 SOUTH BOSTON MA 2:39:44.4 6:06 2:39:45.9
4 2/193 M-M3039 PETER GLEASON 32 M 388 MILLBURY MA 2:47:11.6 6:23 2:47:12.8
5 3/193 M-M3039 PATRICK LEARY 30 M 602 NORTH PROVIDENCE R 2:48:25.1 6:26 2:48:27.2
6 4/193 M-M3039 CHUCK ENGLE 39 M 1112 DUBLIN OH 2:48:52.5 6:27 2:48:53.8
7 1/158 M-M4049 KIP LITTON 48 M 631 DAVISON MI 2:52:39.8 6:36 2:56:13.3
8 5/193 M-M3039 MIKKO HALONEN 32 M 436 BRIGTHON MA 2:54:01.2 6:39 2:54:05.6
9 3/110 M-M2029 BRYAN MCDONNELL 24 M 698 OAKLAND NJ 2:55:56.6 6:43 2:55:58.2
10 6/193 M-M3039 BRETT RICKENBACH 35 M 854 DANVERS MA 2:57:35.5 6:47 2:57:38.4

Kip Litton at Charlotte Marathon - Dec, 2010

We received this note from a reader:

So I'm attaching a couple of pictures. The first 1 is of me (wearing the black stocking cap) running with my friend Kevin Ballantine (wearing the white headband), who was trying to break 3:00 and finished with a 3:04, and our other friend Danielle Crockford (in red), the women's winner who ran a 2:59. The 3:00 pacer, Brian McMahon (wearing the yellow shirt in the Litton pic), told me Litton never passed him either.

I dropped off the pace of Kevin and Danielle around mile 5 and ran the half in 1:32:59 and Litton never came by me through 12 miles (where the half and full courses split off).
None of us recall being passed by Litton and yet note the picture of him, late in the race, past mile 20, where he has somehow gotten in front of Danielle and Brian.
Here are links to pics of Litton walking across the finish line at Charlotte Thunder Road:
I exchanged emails with the race director who confronted Litton about this race, but as Litton hit all the mats and denied cheating, the director did not have enough evidence to DQ him.