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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Providence Cox Marathon - photos show Mr. Litton wearing different shoes!

Race photos show Mr. Litton wearing different shoes!

This picture is probably Kip passing the starting line (it took him over 3 minutes to cross the starting line, even though he finished in the top 10 overall with a 2:52 net time). He is seen here wearing what one of our readers told us to be Mizuno Wave Riders.

These two pictures show Kip coming in, presumably just before the end of the race, wearing a different pair shoes! They appear to be the Mizuno Precision? What do you think? It looks as though he also stripped his Adidas shorts for the Skins brand tights (and the black longsleeve for his Boston tanktop which he may be holding in his hand)

Now some runners strip a shirt or toss a pair of armwarmers or gloves , but it's pretty unusual for an athlete running 2:52 to ditch a pair of shorts and put on a pair of different shoes!

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