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Friday, January 14, 2011

City of Trees Marathon (Boise, Idaho) - 10/04/09


Race Director at City of Trees Marathon (Boise, Idaho) - 10/04/09
"We caught him doing the same thing, only we didn't have the time to check on his past. We just thought he cut course since he didn't get his picture taken with the pack at mile 10 or mile 22, but we dq'd him for awards, and left his time online so we could compare at a later date. THANK YOU SO MUCH for the info. I don't know why people do that..."

" best friend and the guy who sets up the course is very aware of all the goings on with the top 5 runners as he usually finishes 2nd or 3rd. He told me upon the race finish, 'No way that guy ran the whole race, I never passed him, or saw him.'"

"Summary: 2:55:45, 5th place overall, 1st or 2nd master (depends on whether 4th place Todd Arndt is age 38 or 40); website mentions awards for top 3 masters, but no specifics.

Athlinks Results:

Official Results: (click on “total time” to sort finishes by place)

Official Race Pics:

Race Course:

Suspicion #1: Multi-loop course; apprears to offer several places to cut, no split times in results.

Suspicion #2: Places 1st thru 10th all have multiple race photos (usually about 8 photos) at multiple places (bridge, lighthouse, and finish). Kip has exactly 1 photo, and that is crossing the finish line. This is a small race (135 finishers), and if you look at the photos it’s obvious that someone would not be missed like that."

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