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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Kip Litton Cowtown Marathon Prediction Contest - List of Entries

- Race is tomorrow! What will happen?

 mommy mommy DNS: other excuse
word yes sir DNS: other excuse
dontdonate DNS: illness
edumacator DNF: excuse of injury
VF Runner DNF: excuse of injury
friend of a friend 2:58:12
jerrry 2:59:09
chyeah man 3:02:00
WhitePony 3:02:08
 paulski66 3:04:22
Whoomp there it is 3:05:00
runnnerere 3:05:23
kirkaz 3:06:00
Kyp Lyttyn 3:06:42
TDF 3:06:45
long sox 3:12:52
Dan the Masters Man 3:13:08
GA runner 3:19:49
Just Wow 3:22:38
florida oldtimer 3:23:48
dd 3:47:00

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