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Monday, September 26, 2011

Kip Litton registered at Boston 2012: Likely used the Charlotte Thunder Road Marathon as a Boston Qualifier

Kip Litton is registered for the 2012 Boston Marathon. Kip likely used his performance at the Charlotte Thunder Road marathon on 12/10/2010 (finishing pic below) as his Boston Qualifier. We don't know of any other marathons he's completed recently that are within the 2012 BQualifying window (they have to be from 9/25/10 forward).
Boston Marathon photo credit - Google/Flicker pix

I guess it's safe to assume then that this performance has been accepted by the BAA, despite reports we've received that Kip had not actually completed the full distance (please see The Charlotte race director had questioned Kip, but decided that because Kip had crossed all the mats and had denied any wrongdoing, he would not be DQ'ed (full report).
Note that 3:00:24 was his gun time. His chip time was 2:55:20.

Kip last made the trip to Boston in 2010, where he completed the 2010 Boston Marathon in 2:52, despite an outfit change (see below). He also blazed the BAA 5K course the day before in 17:17 (5:34 min/mi), despite a 4:04 gun/chip differential and a photo showing Litton finishing stride for stride with 21min 5k finishers (please see this link for more info).

2010 Boston Marathon (outfit comparison)

2010 BAA 5K Finish


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