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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Email from "old acquaintance" of Kip's

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Date: Sat, 4 Feb 2012 11:38:34 +0000
Good Morning Blogger:

I ran across your blog on Kip Litton and almost fell out of my seat.  I was looking up old acquaintances on the internet when it lead me to an article in a Flint paper.  I saw Kip’s name, read the article, looked at the times and couldn’t believe it.  The Kip I remember was very, very lazy.  I checked everything again:  Dentist, Lapeer, 48 years old, wife Lisa, etc. sounded like the same guy. How could he run so many marathons at 6:30 pace,be so consistent and not start running until 40 with no previous running history?  I swam in college and have observed several former swimmers compete in masters competition with great success after long layoffs but they were also high level college athletes before the long layoff.  I knew Kip and Lisa from the Amway Business 20 years ago (that says something right there).  Then I saw it, the word “Cheat”.  I found your blog and read through it – WTF?????  Who would do such a thing?   Why?  What purpose would it serve?     Is it possible this entire thing is a joke he is putting over on everyone?

Please respond – I am curious.  My wife is going to love to hear this one.

Best Regards


  1. I see you took down my post of yesterday supporting Kip. You obviously only care to allow comments if they are negative towards Kip. I have no respect for your opinion since it's obviously closed minded. Karma will find you someday and you won't enjoy it! Remember I told you when ;)

  2. What a lying and cheeating selfish son of a gun. I can't even believe this. KIP LITTON????? The Kip I used to know would have never cheated! Lisa better keep an eye on this buckeroo!