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Thursday, May 10, 2012

E-Mail from person - Kip's neighbor?

I just received this email today from someone claiming to be neighbor of Kip Litton's. I'm copying and pasting it below.


I’m a neighbor of Kip Litton (literally live less than ¼ mile from him, same subdivision).  So I see him run in/out of the sub on a regular basis.  Although we share the same interest of running, that’s about it.  Recently I received an email from him inquiring about a marathon in Wisconsin that he mistakenly thought I ran annually.  He thought I ran the WhislteStop marathon in Ashland, WI, however I regularly run the Lakefront Marathon in Milwaukee.  That being said, he wrote “I wanted to ask you a few questions about the WhistleStop Marathon. If you have a chance could you call me tonight or one of the next couple evenings? Thanks. - Kip Litton”.  At first I ignored his email as I’m not really friends with him as he had previously insulted my father-in-law by mocking him like a high school sophomore after my father-in-law asked him about his Boston Marathoner Finisher jacket that Kip was wearing while both where dining at a local restaurant. 

When I told my wife about the email, she got curios and googled him and saw all the news about his running “style”.  She passed on the web sites and I quickly read as much as I could.  I did not respond to his emails until later that week after he dropped off an envelope in my mailbox asking the same.  He’s obviously determined to get some answers.  I responded with a brief email stating that I’ve never run the WhistleStop but have run Milwaukee’s Lakefront which was already sold out for 2011.  He thanked me and that was the end of our correspondence.  I’m speculating he wanted to know where timing mats were placed and where photographers were situated.  Again, just speculation.

Regarding all the allegations about his running “style” and DQs from races, I believe them.  I once respected him for his running “talent”, but now believe he is a cheat and a scam based on the incident with my father-in-law, the other subdivision encounters and his arrogance (now much deflated).  If I were a race director, I’d DQ him from a race unless he’s documented in photos.  Others I talk to in the neighborhood are aware of his cheating exploits and I am spreading the word encouraging those that are unaware to look him up on the web.

Kip can run, and he bikes a lot to cross train.  I’m speculating that he may get to the next timing mat by biking, posing as a race volunteer that rides the course monitoring runner’s physical condition.   He also bikes with a neighbor, regularly going out on 50+ mile rides in an afternoon, several times a week.  So he is capable, but probably of 3:15 to 3:20 marathons.

You may use the facts of this email in your blog, no names please.  If you want more information about him, call on my number listed below."


  1. I also live in the same subdivision as Kip and the neighbor that wrote this email (Matthew Stebbins). The writer of the article also contacted me. While I can't say much about cheating, I can say two things: 1) Kip trains his ass off and is very fast, and 2) this Mr Stebbins has completely mis-characterized Kip. Mr Stebbins is an arrogant, anal jerk that is disliked by almost everyone in the subdivision. His email adds absolutely nothing credible to this situation. In fact, it shows that Kip is a nice guy and was reaching out for some friendly advice. He would not be the county's most like dentist and he would not have done this if he is as Mr Stebbins described. Mr Stebbins also sounds very envious.

  2. Stop being so obvious Kip for chrissakes

  3. Kip, you arrogant ass.