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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Kip E-mails from Scott Hubbard, former collegiate runner and high school coach

From a 2/2/11 correspondence, from Kip: 

'The Marshall Marathon is another example of inaccurate and limited info getting skewed. I did use my first and middle name for the race (but he used FL for address, minus last name). My initial plan for this race was to run the full marathon in around 3 hours. It was a test to see how well my previous injury had healed. Unfortunately, I woke up late for the race & by the time I got near the start area, the race had already begun. At that point, there wasn't much I could do so I decided to just run half the race. I was still interested in getting something unusual that was promoted at the expo - a finish line photo on the field carrying a football. So I went to the half way mark on the course & ran only the 2nd half. Since I never crossed the timing mat at the start or the halfway point, I thought there was no way I could be in the results. I was offered an award at the finish, but declined & told them my time was incorrect. When I saw that I was listed in the results, I immediately contacted the RD & requested to be removed. A few days later I checked & I was still there, so I contacted him again and a short time later my name was removed. Thus, I was only DQ'd by myself, not by anyone else.'

'I did use another name for the Brooksie ('08) race (he used Rich Rodriguez). I am sorry if that upset anyone. It was meant as a UM-MSU joke w/a friend who was going to enter as Mark Dantonio that day. I know I am not alone in using funny names in races. At one time I think the majority of my PRs were under joke names (sorry) including some decent times in races that our forum friends have not yet discovered or have chosen not to disclose. If using a different name is grounds for disqualification, I will accept that.'

"Lovely stuff ... imagine getting this in your in-box! I might be able to dig up one more today."

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