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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

West Wyoming Marathon Technical Tees Now for Sale

Parody T-shirt design for the race that was never run.

Purchase Here

A Google Cache of Fictitious West Wyoming Marathon


  1. Calling it a fake race was obviously a mistake, as you have posted the actual race website here. Kip's family also confirmed they were at this race, so it couldn't have been fake.

    1. Thanks Kip, for dropping by and defending yourself!

  2. Well it's not a race if Kip is the only finisher, and the only witnesses are his family members.

    Mark Singer of the New Yorker tried to get Kip to provide witnesses but Kip's only witnesses were family members - Kip couldn't get any of the race staff to help with his side of the story.

  3. I win all kinds of races against myself. You mean they don't count?????